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About the METAVITAL® HUMAN system


Identify the causes,
Cure causally,
Restore the balance . . .
That is the goal of a therapist.

The METAVITAL® HUMAN System is a naturopathic diagnostic system which makes use of the „multidimensional non-linear system analysis“ (MNLS). The MNLS method (Multidimensional non-linear systems) is a non-invasive method. Non-invasive means that the measurement takes place in an inductive manner, i. e. non-contact through headphones.

The MNLS analysis and the METAVITAL® HUMAN System is an ideal link for us between the thousands-of-years old Eastern art of healing and the modern naturopathy. 

The modern quantum physics and field physics provide explanations to us on the questions

  • what energy is
  • how acupuncture meridians are to be understood
  • whether and in what way acupuncture points exist
  • in what way all biosystems are other in connection with each
  • ... and many more questions...  

Our target and our motivation is a holistic, psychosomatic application at your clinic.

Advantages and chances of the MNLS approach

The MNLS method is easy, swift and non-invasive for the client  

  • The devices are easy to handle.
  • The METAVITAL® HUMAN System measures autonomously and precisely.
  • Gain of time in the individual, personal care of patients.
  • Through the visual presentation clients can be motivated much better to contribute actively.
  • An excellent supplement to modern approaches which you already work with.   

In frame of a basic training the essentials of the methodology are imparted to the user and the application is trained on the basis of sample cases. The graphical presentation of the measuring results can be easily interpreted after the basic training.  

Another advantage is the relatively small size of the hardware: With this, also a mobile application for house calls is possible.

You can get further information about the working principle and the construction of the METAVITAL® HUMAN System also in the booklet "The history and working principle of the Oberon®-Systems" by Klaus Valentiner (an order is possible through Metavital).

The technology of the METAVITAL® HUMAN System: a new milestone in the naturopathy of the 3rd millennium.

The METAVITAL® HUMAN System embraces

  • One pair of headphones with photontrigger,
  • An analysinig unit and
  • A device specific software solution. 




The measurement takes place through headphones with a photontrigger application – for the patients the procedure is not perceptible. The measuring results are illustrated with a virtual organ picture.

Because the METAVITAL® HUMAN System works on the basis of biophotons, the system is also safe from the human genetic perspective. This was confirmed to us by certifying bodies. The non-invasive test method with the METAVITAL® HUMAN System is comfortable for patients and absolutely pain-free.

Get more details on the energy and information medicine on the following pages as well as about the basics of the METAVITAL® HUMAN System and a lot more...

The NLS approach has already achieved striking results in numerous therapy trials. We would like to draw your attention, nevertheless, to the fact that the method belongs to the complementary and alternative medicine. The methods and systems introduced as well as the effects thereof are neither proved by the orthodox medicine nor scientifically recognised. The NLS diagnosis or the contents of this website cannot replace a medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

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