44 good reasons to work with METAVITAL

  1.  By choosing METAVITAL you enjoy maximum security through working with the leader in biophoton-based diagnostics and therapy systems.

  2. You can score and convince with a certified medical device.

  3. METAVITAL is the developer of multidimensional non-linear spectrography and therefore stands by your side as a specialist and expert.

  4. You work with METAVITAL systems Made in Germany which deliver you a very high quality in every respect.

  5. You can be sure that the system prompts a high and quick acceptance by your clients as it is easy to understand through visual representation.

  6. The systems are state-of-the-art and operate with cutting-edge biophoton-based sensing technology according to Professor A. Popp.

  7. You are and remain flexible with METAVITAL systems because they are modular and expandable and can be upgraded to a higher version (from basic to psych, plus or expert).

  8. For your investment security we offer an individual demonstration so that you can convince yourself of the systems’ advantages.

  9. For your practice success we offer ideas and concepts that will help you in your everyday practical work.

  10. You can rely on a very high level of measurement accuracy as all METAVITAL systems work with 4D technology. So you can work even safer.

  11. You can treat your clients / patients e.g. through comparative analysis between scans for corrections that visualize functionality and effectiveness of the method.

  12. METAVITAL is in constant exchange with international scientists so that you can always rely on the functionality of your system.

  13. You can help your clients or patients even more effectively because METAVITAL systems focus on detecting root causes rather than combating symptoms.

  14. You can certainly obtain acceptance of the procedure from your clients / patients as it is a complementary and well-balanced analysis and balancing system.

  15. Your clients / patients will be grateful as it is a pleasant and fast method of analysis.

  16. Your clients will be provided with a very pleasant and maximally comfortable cause research which can be carried out free of side effects in each person / horse.

  17. You can save a lot of time in root cause research as the system quickly delivers and visualizes results.

  18. You can use the system very comfortably and flexibly in any location: You are always mobile through the practical outdoor case.

  19. You can give your clients a good and safe feeling as they can visually monitor the improvement in their state of health.

  20. Your system saves you a lot of time and provides you with targeted and fast results because also dietary supplements and other substances can be tested.

  21. Even more flexibility and safety for your recommendations: METAVITAL offers you numerous registers for the identification of suitable preparations for therapy (homeopathy, phytotherapy, spagyrics, nutrients, etc.)

  22. Your system gives you the security to have thought of almost everything: Hundreds of foods are stored to facilitate your consultation.

  23. By providing your clients / patients with an easy-to-grasp report of the food recommendations on this basis, you can offer them another valuable added value.

  24. You can give your clients / patients an immediate start to therapy by directly balancing imbalances.

  25. You can flexibly expand your application options by, for example, benefiting from the unique Psychomodule which detects psychosomatic disorders.

  26. You enjoy the security of having everything taken into account with the METAVITAL system. You can perform a holistic diagnostic analysis and can simultaneously start the therapy with the system.

  27. Your diagnosis can be made even more accurate by an automatic depth scan.

  28. You can use the Bioregulation Module to add value and help your clients / patients more effectively. Feel free to contact us!

  29. Save yourself and your clients / patients a lot of time by obtaining results in a very short time.

  30. You can increase your income by recommending us.

  31. You can save a lot of time in root cause research because, for example, microorganisms can be detected within just a few minutes.

  32. Your investment in your practice and the well-being of your patients / clients will pay for themselves quickly as they will see how accurately and effectively you are acting in cause research.

  33. You can use the METAVITAL System as an investment in your practice to increase your income in a fulfilling way, as your clients / patients will be grateful for accuracy and speed.

  34. In our cooperation you will enjoy maximum comfort as you get all-round service and everything from one source.

  35. Enjoy the convenience of getting professional medical support for any issue.

  36. You are always up-to-date as the METAVITAL systems are constantly being further developed.

  37. You can exchange views with other experienced users once a year at the METAVITAL Congress in order to ensure that you receive profitable ideas, approaches and tips from the field of application practice.

  38. You can visit us at numerous trade fairs and meet us in person. Please, consult our events calendar on our website.

  39. The METAVITAL Technical Support is at your service when you need a timely solution.

  40. Your system updates are automatically made available to you. So you can be sure to always be up to date.

  41. You can benefit from our METAVITAL Information Forum where you can quickly read the experiences of other therapists and make your own experiences available to others.

  42. You will get to know the system for your application in a comfortable and effective way since METAVITAL has created a unique and multi-level training concept for you.

  43. You will receive your basic training directly in your practice so that you can use your system immediately profitably and for the benefit of your clients. You get your red thread guide red line for effective scans.

  44. You can save on further investment as the two-day user training course in beautiful Hamburg is naturally included for you.