The high-end system for diagnostics and therapy with all available register groups of the frequency database as well as all functions.

  • Biophotons: 4D technology for maximum precision and speed
  • 90 trillion measuring points
  • Structure-specific frequency measurement and analysis down to the deepest structures
  • Automatic and manual scan (comprehensive or selected view)
  • Illustration of the current states on digital organ images
  • Extensive frequency database: several thousand vibration characteristics
  • Targeted information such as maturity levels of a pathology or biochemical values
  • Comparison analyses between scans as well as after corrections or tests
  • Automatic calculation of the best possible combination of preparations
  • Testing of substances for their effectiveness and stress potential
  • Production of different meta-frequencies on different carrier media
  • Protective balancing to regulate imbalances
  • Individual food list divided into food groups with TCM classifications
  • Automatic depth scan down to the deepest structures (also intracellular frequencies)
  • Visualization of microorganisms and helminths down to DNA and RNA level
  • Balancing function to attenuate negative milieu activities
  • Lithotherapy/Balancing with gemstone and mineral frequencies
  • Diagnostic and Therapy Module “Energetic Status” (with digital iridology and digital meridian measurement)
  • Clearly categorized in the diagnostics, recommendation, psycho and dental modules
  • Comprehensive psychomodule

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