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The METAVITAL HORSE system is a so-called system of “multidimensional non-linear spectrography”, MNLS for short. The MNLS systems are recognized analysis and balancing systems in complementary medicine.
They enable an information-medical analysis of the energetic and functional status.

The measurement is biophoton-based and replaced electromagnetic technology in 2006.

The METAVITAL HORSE system detects information deficits and stress at an early stage and provides concrete information about the energetic state of the horse’s organ, tissue and cell frequencies.

The measurement is carried out via the wave detector using a photon trigger – the process is not noticeable for the horse. The measurement results are displayed on a virtual organ image.

This is how METAVITAL HORSE works

By means of information medicine into the 3rd millennium

Healthy information can heal – and therapists can follow this healing path with the METAVITAL HORSE system. Traditional orthodox medical explanatory models are increasingly reaching their limits: Disease progressions described in classical textbooks have become rare in our complex world.

METAVITAL HORSE uses the unique method of “multidimensional non-linear spectrography”, MNLS for short. This method is based on biophoton technology. This means that the METAVITAL HORSE system uses the communication method that nature has given to all living organisms.

Put simply, the system asks: “How are you? The horse’s organism responds with information down to the level of the cells and the finest cell structures. In this way, the METAVITAL HORSE System recognises information deficits and stresses and provides concrete information about the energetic state of the horse’s organ, tissue and cell frequencies.

This means: In addition to the treatment of acute and already chronic disorders, preventive and prophylactic use is also possible, even before any disturbances in the horse’s well-being become noticeable.

The convincing advantages of METAVITAL HORSE

Advantages for you:
  • Comprehensive range of services from analysis to feed advice
  • Easy to handle
  • A system protected for outdoor use in a handy, robust case
  • Mature, innovative method, based on the biophoton technology of all METAVITAL® systems
  • Exact results without “diagnostic acrobatics“
Advantages for the horse:
  • Vitality-increasing, bio-stimulating
  • Non-invasive, safe and fast measurement method
  • Has a calming effect and is pleasant to use
  • Proven to be highly effective with no exposure whatsoever
  • No detours during treatment
Advantages for horse owners:
  • Finding the cause instead of fighting the symptoms
  • Comprehensible results through meaningful images
  • Tailor-made therapy and feeding plan
  • Low costs through targeted investigation

Practical application information

What is actually possible with the METAVITAL HORSE systems?
How can it support you as a therapist, horse owner or stable owner?

To answer these questions, we have selected two examples of the wide range of options available. In these, typical applications are discussed in detail.

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